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The Just Creative Communications Agency was founded in 2009. The members of the Just Creative team are PR professionals, each with several years of experience and strong credentials. Armed with an in-depth understanding of journalism in general and editorial practices in particular, their mission is to develop custom communication strategies that make full use of the power of the press. Just Creative offers so much more than loads of news thrown randomly at the press - our method is all about communication and mutually beneficial exchange of information are the gods we trust. Just Creative is also familiar with the PR of sailing events, gaining experience from the beneficial collaboration with the Blue Ribbon Cup and Festival.



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As the host of the F18 World Championship, the Füred Camping offers mobile homes, bungalows (28-60 m2 + terrace) and tent places for the participants.

****Hotel Silver Resort Balatonfüred is a wellness and conference hotel with 58 double rooms including spare beds as required, with a balcony and view. Read more...