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Balatonfüredi Yacht Club


The organizer of the F18 WCH

The Balatonfüredi Yacht Club has been the oldest sport club of Europe since 1867. The club since its formation makes strong emphasis on competing and highly deals with the education of young talents, as most of the members are currently active competitors.

The club is the most successful national sailing association since 1995. More than half of the scoring places are reached by our young competitors. The management makes a big emphasis on the education of the young generation. The number of the young competitors has been increasing year by year; currently 70 people compete in the club. We are on international level as for the technical areas in the education of the young talents and in organizing competitions.



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As the host of the F18 World Championship, the Füred Camping offers mobile homes, bungalows (28-60 m2 + terrace) and tent places for the participants.

****Hotel Silver Resort Balatonfüred is a wellness and conference hotel with 58 double rooms including spare beds as required, with a balcony and view. Read more...