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Balatonfüred has been the first health resort since 1971, when the Füred’s sour water was acknowledged as thermal spa. In the famous Heart Hospital of Füred a lot of people regained their health. Among them was the Indian poet Rabindranath tagore who recovered here in 1926 and the promenade along the lake’ shore was named after him.

Balatonfüred started its progress in the 18th century in the so Called reform age. It became a favourite meeting point of progressive politicians and artists. Lujza Blaha who was the ‘nightingale of the nation’ spent her summer holiday 23 times here. The villa of her works today as a hotel and restaurant. The well known spa doctor, Istvan Huray had a summer house by Lake Balaton. One of Füred’s symbol is the Rounded-shape Church which has got a cupola. In Villa of Jókai there is a permanent exhibition of the writer’s Mór Jókai, showing his life, the furniture and other things of the villa.
The first Anna-ball was organized at Horvath house in 1825, which is still outstanding among the events of Balatonfüred. The Romantic Reform Era takes us back to the 19th century’s bustling life of Füred is organized in September.
Traces of culture:

  • Town Museum
  • Jókai Mór Memorial House
  • Vaszary Villa
  • The Villa of Blaha Lujza
  • Anna Grand Hotel
  • Horváth House
  • State Hospital for heart diseases
  • Panteon Füred
  • Kossuth Lajos sour water
  • Villa of the Dőry family
  • The residence of Széchenyi Ferenc
  • Kisfaludy Gallery
  • Gombás mansion
  • Radio and Television museum
  • Roman Catholic Red Church
  • Round Church and Gallery
  • Catholic Church in Arács
  • Lutheran Church
  • Calvinist Church

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