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The last races


On the last day of the Groupama Garancia F18 World Championship the Lake Balaton says a friendly goodbye with a great wind.

The last races of the championship will be finished in the afternoon. The participants - in golden and silver fleets – finally gained the mercy of the Lake Balaton and they can rule the water again.

It was a nice surprise for Hungary that two Hungarian sailor teams could get in the golden class, the Váradi – Petheö, and the Diószegi – Jankovics duos. The international field was ruled by the world-class Dutch teams, but there were races when our Hungarians could approach the forefront.

“There is a southwestern wind now, and the catamarans are flying! We could not ask for more for the last day. The wind and its direction are stable now. Every ship is on water, and it’s so great to have such a great luck for the last day,” Peter Süle organizer said. The last race will be started at 14:05, and the contestants will certainly take advantage of the opportunity and sail as much as they can.

For the final results we have to wait until late afternoon. The price giving ceremony will be held at 6 pm at the Kisfaludy stage in Balatonfüred. Until then everybody has time to cheer for the teams.





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  • Accommodation


As the host of the F18 World Championship, the Füred Camping offers mobile homes, bungalows (28-60 m2 + terrace) and tent places for the participants.

****Hotel Silver Resort Balatonfüred is a wellness and conference hotel with 58 double rooms including spare beds as required, with a balcony and view. Read more...