Stormy start of the championship


On the first race-day of the Groupama Garancia F18 Catamaran World Championship the weather made the contestants’ job so difficult. Despite the 35 knot wind (nearly 65km/h) the participants performed four races.

The strong wind was unsafe for the light and agile catamarans. That’s why the race delayed. An hour passed when István Hantó organizer’s team let the race start and the contestants had two super fast laps thanks to the northwestern wind. In the afternoon the wind turned to southwest, and it gave the potential for other two laps.

The catamarans are racing in 4 groups (by colour) on an appointed track. Two “colours” start at the same time. After the qualifying, they will be ranked to silver or golden class. Naturally, everyone wants to be in the golden group, but it’s the privilege of the bests. According to the provisional results the big names of the catamaran racing like the Dutch Mischa Heemskerk, the Australian Darren Bundock, and the Dutch Koen de Koning, who can now expect the first place thanks to his 1st, 3rd,8th,1st places.

Nevertheless in every other sport, there is an option to except against the result, so It takes time to ascertain the finals. Don’t forget that the race ended after 7pm, and the tired contestants ported after that.

Concerning the Hungarian chances the expected results realized. The Hungarian Champions of 2010, the Váradi – Petheö team finished on the 26th place, then the Diószegi – Jankovics duo stands on the 49th. The negative sensation of the day was provided by the Vándor – Kalocsai team. On the second lap they broken their mast, though it attracted the attention of the media but it ruined their race, so they are on the 90th place with the gold winner catamaran of 2009.

Depending on the weather, there will be races on every day of the week, so there won’t be lack of excitement. The competitors like the Lake Balaton so much, and also the strong wind whereby they can sail so fast. The spectators can admire the ships until 8th of July, the last day of the championship.



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