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One of the specialties of the catamaran racing – which called the Formula One of sailing – is that the ships are competing on a previously selected track. That’s how the spectators can easily follow the ships’ movement.  On the Groupama Garancia F18 Catamaran World Championship the excitement of the race is available for everyone, thanks to the GPS onboard the catamarans.

It's a possibility for the racers to put a pointing device to the ship at the most anticipated races, and it’s free for everyone to check the participant’s current position on the internet. The pointing system updates the information continuously, so it shows the actual order of the catamarans. The most spectacular actions will be on the golden class, which will be formed after the qualifiers. There will be amazing fights and dizzying speed. Respecting the competitors' privacy it's their free decision to use the pointing device or not.

The contestants fell in love with the Lake Balaton and the strong wind, what push the catamarans so fast that is hard to follow them… without GPS.

The pointing system is on the link below:



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