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The countdown has already started! In one week, the first catamaran world championship organised in Hungary will start. The race is probably the year’s biggest sport event and can be talked about only with amazement: the F18s (also sometimes mentioned as the Formula 1 race cars of sailing) represent the most spectacular boats of sailing races.

The best Hungarian racers are going to compete against international classics at the world championship and one of the world’s most successful sailors, Franck Cammas from France is also going to be the guest of the championship in Balatonfüred. One can say it will really worth it to visit Balatonfüred in the first week of July.


The president of Balatonfüred Yacht Club organising the Groupama Garancia F18 catamaran world championship Attila R. Nagy stated: it is a great honour, prestige and challenge to organise a sport event with such a big volume and standards but already one week before the start everything is waiting and standing by to watch the world’s best as they set sail in the camping of Balatonfüred and give unforgettable experiences to the audience.

„Because of the characteristics of F18s, - the speed is incredible - the first catamaran world championship organised in Hungary will be very spectacular. These 18 feet boats will be racing in a track and this will make it easier to see the actual ranking and gives a good opportunity for fans to supporting. Just imagine two narrow hulls, with a mast in the middle and sails on it as they are racing on the surface of water. The sailors are using their own weight to prevent falling over with the so-called trapezing. Everyone is more than welcome who loves Balaton, sailing and racing and we hope many people will get to know this incredibly thrilling sport with full of momentum. Until now 131 teams applied from 26 countries of the world. It will be shivering spectacular as these numerous slim boats are riding Lake Balaton.

The world championship will start on the first of July. The 45-60-minute laps will take place in the Balatonfüred-Siófok-Tihany triangle.

One week before the championship the best Hungarian F18ers and the racers already arrived from abroad will have the opportunity to warm up in a local competition and in the meantime they can participate in the extra programs, get to know the attractions around Balaton and enjoy the Hungarian hospitality.

Franck Cammas sailor excellence (breaker and holder of many world records like the 2010 Jules Verne trophy – around the world in less than 49 days) will also come to the event for a short time, meet the racers, his sailing friends and the Hungarian second line will have the chance to ask their questions about Cammas’ sailing experiences.

„Groupama has been connected to sailing for more than 10 years because this sport represents values which Groupama owns too: courage, teamwork, persistance, adaptation and the ability of taking risk. I am sure that who meets Franck Cammas, the „domesticator of oceans” will gain an unforgettable memory. I can say in the name of the Groupama Group that we are very proud of the result achieved by this 39 years old racer who we accompanied since 1998 and who – in green colours with his virtue, great experience and the help of talents around him conquered almost every sea of the world” said Yann Ménétrier, CEO of Groupama Garancia Biztosító.

The visitors of the world championship can support their favourites from the beaches or from pleasure boats approaching the race. Others can also follow the events of the race on the internet from our up-to-date reports with pictures, videos and GPS-following-system. (

Ambassadors of Groupama Garancia F18 catamaran world championship are Judit Schell and Zoltán Szujó.

„We sincerely hope that – just like us – many people will be amazed by this great sport and many will take interest in the first Hungarian catamaran world championship.”

During the world championship numerous famous Hungarian celebrities will also appear in Balatonfüred.

The main sponsor of the catamaran world championship is the subsidiary of Groupama Group, Groupama Garancia Biztosító, which has been supporting the sailing sport for a long time. A main supporter of this event representing a good chance to improve international connections is Buda-Cash Broker House. The official sun protector of the championship is the organic „Ilcsi’s Tomato sunbather”.

Between 4-8th of July, Vanyolai Sailing Ltd. launches spectator-ships, so more visitors can have an insight to the spectacular racing of this dynamic and extreme division.
Tickets can be purchased on sight and in the Balatonfüred Yacht Club.

Departure of spectator-ships:
Every day between 4-8th of July 2011 the ship leaves the main harbour of Balatonfüred and for 2 hours it will be near to the race-field.
Binoculars, cameras are recommended.
Children (6-14 years): 1500 HUF
Adults: 2500 HUF



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