There won’t be any sun burning on the world championship


The participants of the Groupama Garancia F18 catamaran World Championship organised between 1- 8th of July don’t have to be blushed. Thanks to one of the supporter of the race, Ilcsi Cosmetic Herbs, the participants can cut the waves in safety, without the anxiety about the sunshine. Every entry package contains one Ilcsi Tomato anti-sun burning product, and a special Ilcsi Tomato UV watch which can measure the harmful radiation easily and fast.

„You cannot be a part of this kind of incredible show every day!” – said Ferenc Molnár, the owner and managing director of Ilcsi Cosmetic Herbs who is also fond of sailing. Perhaps it also played a role in that, that his company will be not only the official sun cream of the championship, but also offered special awards for the world champion and the fastest Hungarian competitor as well. This reward is not less, than the Ilcsi Cosmetic Herbs ensure the sun cream for the carefree sport for a whole year  : the Ilcsi Tomato anti-sunbathing cream.

On the Grupama Garancia F18 Catamaran World Championship will participate 200 boats, sailing in amazing tempo, so this long-awaited event can be the most spectacular race of the season and the national sport event of the year.




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